Deepening Reading Comprehension

I have been meaning to put this on the blog for ages. Sorry for the delay. Here is some evidence to show how students can be scaffolded to deepen their understanding of texts through the use of the Reading Rubric we have referred to throughout the year. Thanks Jono for the work samples.

The first work sample shows a first attempt at analysing a picture book.

This second one shows how comprehension can be deepened after drawing students’ attention to the questions on the rubric.

Reading Comprehension Assessment – Lawlor 2014 v6
Reading rubric

Reading Comprehension – Challenge Cards

Reading Comp challenge cards

The Upper Primary Professional Learning Community have worked on creating a series of Challenge Cards to use with students to develop their reading comprehension skills. We have used the descriptive continua from the PAT-R tests to develop these tasks. The colours relate to different scale scores on the descriptive continua.
Purple: 110
Orange: 130
Pink: 150

challenge cards reading comp

The PAT-R test results will help to identify the Zone of Proximal Development for each student and the tasks he/she can be directed to undertake. Explicit teaching, scaffolding, peer support, class discussions, exploration with a partner, and modelling are methodologies which could be employed to facilitate learning.